June 29-11

"A few years ago I took an introduction to soldering class from Suther. She first taught me how to make my own head pins which was so easy. I do not buy headpins any more and mine are much prettier. I tried my hand at making a bezel. A much trickier process, but it turned out good. I then tried my own version of filigree…I fell in love with this kind of soldering. Suther encouraged me to practice and not be afraid to try different soldering designs. Soldering has definitely got me hooked. Suther’s class (or any of her classes for that matter) are awesome…Give it a try!! "

-Kari M. Khoe


May 4-07

"Souther, your show was spectacular and was more than jewelery; it was & is art. I enjoyed it so much ~ and applaud your efforts."

-Jo Anne


June 3-07

The Earrings are just absolutely gorgeous. I'm wearing them now, gosh, they're so gorgeous. I guess that's what I should have expected, coming from you. Thank you very much. They feel very personal and beautifull, and I think I'm going to be wearing them a lot. Thanks a lot!


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